Connect helps power Sydney's newest trains

Today 1,000s of commuters caught the Metro Northwest to work. The project started 8 years ago and Connect has contributed to every stage of the project.

Since 2012 Connect has been involved in the design and construction of temporary works, asset relocation, street lighting, NBN, gas and connection of load projects across the new stations. Over 50% of Connect’s 74 staff have directly worked on the new Metro.

John Saleh Connect's COO said "I have always believed that working in Engineering is about our ability to contribute to society and being proud of that contribution. It is always nice to point out to our partners, parents, kids or friends when we pass a finished project and say 'I helped design/build that'. 

I am certainly very proud of the contribution that Connect has made to this project and of all the Connect staff who have contributed both directly and indirectly to Sydney’s newest infrastructure."

May 2019

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